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I keep asking Laura for the page on success stories, adoptions etc. and she keeps telling me that all the stories are success stories. So I've added my own.

Ricky the Goat

Ricky with Pete

Ricky arrived here with Lucy and the rest of his sons after their previous owner had been in a terrible car accident and could no longer care for them. We separated Ricky from Lucy to make sure that we had no more kids and he immediately befriended our donkey Pete. Ricky's health was OK but he needed to put on just a few pounds which was achieved in no time.

He lived with us here at the farm for a couple of years and in that time he also made friends with another goat that we had taken in by the name of Buck.

Ricky with Pete

In that time we found a really nice gentleman that had a small hobby farm just north of us who was looking to adopt a goat. When we told him that Rick and Buck were available and such good friends he decided to adopt both of them. This way they would not have to be separated and the transition to his farm would be less stressful on the goats. They are both doing well at his farm.