Feathered Friends


Wilson in my garden

Wilson came to us from the Toronto Humane Society. He is a beautiful bird not only his colourful appearance but also his personality.

His injuries indicate that at one time he was involved in "Cock Fighting". As a result, due to one of the injuries he skips rather than runs. It's very funny to watch him skipping around the farm. Wilson loves spending his days hiding amongst the flowers in my garden.

Wilson has been here for 6 years, and is slowing down with age. In the last year we've noticed that he has a cataract on one of his eyes, it doesn't seem to bother him too much, the other one is not effected.

Wilson has a small harem of hens that hang out with him, they often come to the side door looking for goodies, if we don't notice him he will peck on the metal screen door until we bring him something.


Cheese with her chick

Cheese came to the farm with her buddy Quackers, a duck from the Toronto Humane Society. They were taken from an apartment in Toronto. The owners thought they would copy the television show "Friends". It was clear they had no idea how to care for these birds and evident they were not on a proper diet.

Quackers found a mate here at our farm and Cheese found Wilson.

Cheese and the rest of the hens here at the farm produce the nicest eggs,mainly due to a diet of quality grains along with worms and bugs found wandering through my gardens and the manure pile.



Walter was found wondering with no direction, far from any farms. Worried that he may come to some harm a concerned citizen brought him to a local vet clinic, which in-turn contacted us.

We went and picked him up. It looked like he had been fending for himself for sometime and doing quite well. It is a real mystery as to were he had come from, we watched the local paper for some weeks but nothing ever appeared in it.

Orphan and her boys, "Frick & Frack"

Orphan and her boys Frick and Frack

Orphan was brought to our farm when a lady found her under the front steps of her home. The homeowner followed a trail of feathers and other debris that Orphan had left; it appeared she had narrowly escaped being attacked by coyotes, the fate of her companions.

To our surprise she found a mate here at our farm and as a result hatched Frick and Frack.

Orphan has also played as a surrogate mother to some of the other young ducklings who have joined the family here at the farm.

Poloma & Quackers

Poloma and Quackers

Poloma the Peking Duck and Quackers the Mallard Duck came to us from the Toronto Humane Society. They are in love and are inseparable.

Once Poloma had a broken leg, she had been attacked by a racoon. When we took Poloma to the Vet's, Quackers would start quacking and running around the truck until we let him into the truck to come with us. He never leaves Poloma even though he can fly. The only time he leaves her is when we call him from the front door to come and get treats.

The Gang

The Gang

These guys came from the Toronto Humane Society when they were seized off a flight heading for Trinidad. They are a Muskovy Cross Breed that do not lay eggs. They spend their days wondering around the farm eating all the flowers and veggies in my garden, as much as I wish they would not eat the garden, they do an incredible job of loosening and turning the soil as they dig for worms and bugs.