Fred aka "Fast Freddie"


Meet Fred, he came from my grandparents homestead. Fred is one of the few animals here at Painted Rock that did not come to us under dire circumstances. Fred was given to my Grandparents by another farmer because he was a runt that needed to be bottle fed and he didn't have time to care for him. Fred spent 18 months with my Grandparents and for those 18 months all 27 of us grandchildren loved to go up to the farm to see Fred. He was being raised on our side of the fence down under the chestnut tree next to Grandma's garden. When it came time to ship all the other cattle off to market no one wanted to see Fred be sent off with them. So my Husband and I decided that we wanted Fred to come up to our farm where all the grandchildren can still come and visit him.


Since the first day Fred arrived here he has always been a bit of a rebel. He ran away from home twice (once for over a week), been found under the neighbours apple tree... drunk, and almost at least once a day finds some way out or should I say over the fences to try the grass that is obviously greener on the other side. Fortunately Fred knows his name and will always come running when you call out to him, much to the amazement of the other farmers in our area, they just laugh and shake their heads. Sometimes Fred even brings some of the fence with him. Repairing fences is a daily job around here.



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