Rolf was a sweet gentle German Shepherd that was horribly neglected by his owners. When Rolf's owner went through a bitter divorce Rolf was placed in the care of the wife, even though the husband was the original owner of the dog. Sadly it was more out of spite then love for Rolf that the wife took custody of him. He was left tied up in a tiny backyard with little shelter where he was basically left to die. He went from being a strong healthy dog to almost a skeleton. No longer strong enough to even walk as he withered away, the wife made a call to the ex-husband and told him to come get Rolf because she no longer wanted to care for him. Rolf was in such bad shape that the husband didn't know what to do and showed up at our door step in tears asking for our help and told us that he would help pay whatever the cost we incurred for vet bills, food and treatments and to do whatever it took to save him.

We explained to him that we would take Rolf in and do everything we could to save his life but that Rolf did not look good. We had the vet do blood work on him and start him on a healthy diet. Poor Rolf was so weak that we had to make him a body sling with handles so that we could help him get up and walk so he could use the bathroom. When the blood test came back to the vet the prognosis did not look good, he was not suffering from any diseases but he had been starved to the point that his body was eating away at itself and using up all its resources just to survive.

After a couple of weeks we could see some improvement in Rolf, although he was not able to walk on his own yet he seemed to have more strength and his eyes had gone from sad and dull to alert with a little sparkle. With his strength slowly improving we decided to get a K-9 massage therapist in to see if we could increase the amount of circulation, especially to his legs, with the hopes that we could start to repair some of the damage, and hopefully start to improve muscle strength. He loved getting his massages, but even better he had enough strength to get up on his own and move from room to room in our home.


Our vet told us that they didn't think Rolf would ever recover; because the damage to his organs was extreme. We were determined to prove them wrong, we had done it in the past a few times and we hoped to do it again. Rolf seemed to have turned the corner and everything was improving but sadly three months after he arrived here Rolf quietly passed away as he slept one night. Rolf was laid to rest here on our farm.

If you are wondering what ever happened to his owners, the husband would not reveal the address of his ex-wife. The husband who had promised to help us with any expenses incurred for Rolf; each time we called to update him would hang up the phone on us. Still to this day he has no idea that Rolf is no longer with us.

Even though Rolf was only with us for a short time, three months we gave him all our love, attention and affection and when he passed away he knew he was loved and cared for.

The seven Border Collie Puppies

This litter of pups came to us when a friend of the puppies' owner saw what poor conditions they were being raised in and contacted us to see if there was anything that we could do to help. The puppies were confined to a closet in a small apartment in the city. They were covered in their own feces and each one of them was suffering from infections of their eyes and infested with ear mites. We convinced the friend to suggest to the owner that he surrender them to us so that we could get them cleaned up and address their eyes and ears.

At first the owner was reluctant but his friend persisted and it paid off. He agreed to turn the puppies over to us. The only condition was the puppies owner would meet us at his friend's house because he didn't want us to know where he lived. We agreed to this condition for the sake of the puppies and they were turned over to us.

They were about five weeks old when they arrived here at the farm; after each one of them were bathed and fed we started to treat them with antibiotics and ear drops. In record time the eye infections and ear mites were cleared up. They started to thrive and went from lethargic timid puppies to playful loving creatures.

At twelve weeks old and after a clean bill of health from our Vet the puppies were put up for adoption. Quickly people responded and after going through the adoption process of residence and reference checks, we managed to find seven loving homes for these little ones. Although they had a grim start to life we managed to turn things around and place them in homes where they are getting the love and affection they deserve. We are still in contact with most of the owners and from time to time get updates and new pictures emailed to us.


Princess was a lovely little beagle that had been removed from her home when the SPCA investigated a complaint from a neighbor. Princess, who was not treated like a princess and her companion (another little beagle), had been terribly neglected by their owner. Sadly Princess' companion had to be put down because of her condition. After being assessed by the vet and started on medications Princess came to stay with us. She was under weight and had infections in her eyes and ears; she was also nursing a leg injury. Her physical recovery went well but she had a lot of trust issues that needed to be worked on. With a lot of love and reassurance she started to show progress and with the help of the SPCA we managed to find a home that dedicates itself to the beagle breed, Princess now lives there where she continues to do well.