Alfalfa came from a farm where she was a guardian for a herd of cattle. When the beef market took a dive the farmer sold off all his cattle. Because Alfalfa no longer served a purpose the farmer had decided to shoot her.

As he walked Alfalfa out to the back field where the deed would take place his neighbour saw him with the gun and asked what was going on. The neighbour asked him to reconsider and asked him to give her some time to find someone to take her.

The neighbour brought Alfalfa to her home contacted us. We made immediate arrangements to pick her up.

It was dark by the time we arrived, Alfalfa was out-of-sorts but we managed to get her onto the trailer and take her home with us. It took some time to get her to come around because she was not use to being around people but she is doing really well now.

We're so glad that someone had the courage to step up to the plate and speak up for the animal and also the conviction to follow it through.


Penny came to our farm with another donkey Jenny. The elderly gentleman that cared for them had been hospitalized, could not communicate and Penny and Jenny had been left to fend for themselves.

Fortunately through a long series of events we were found and contacted and were able to relocate them to our farm where they are doing well.

Their hooves had not been cared for in along time and it took many months to mend their feet and although they still have some issues with their feet to this day we are really pleased with the progress they have made.

Penny is still very timid until the treats come out - then she's our best friend.


Jenny came here with another donkey Penny. They came from a farm up north where the elderly man that cared for them went into hospital. The owner was unable to communicate with anyone and no one realized that he had these lovely creatures at home that needed care.

The police contacted his son in the United States. When the son arrived in Canada he stayed at the farm. He found the animals at the farm and also found a note with our name on it - stating that we would care for the animals. We have no idea were they got our names from.

Jenny and Penny made the best of what they had but when we were contacted and arrived to pick them up, the pasture had been picked clean - right down to the soil. Fortunately they had shade and a small creek to drink from. Their hooves had not been addressed in some time and they still have problems with their feet to this day.

Something else very strange happened, shortly after we brought the girls to our home one October morning we had the arrival of "Flower" Jenny's daughter. We didn't even know Jenny was pregnant and the only donkeys that we found at the old man's farm were the two girls.


Flower girl or should I say "Surprise" was born here on the farm. She arrived on a brisk October morning much to everyone's surprise.

She is a lovely donkey and was quite spoiled by us when she was little. Flower still believes she should get all the attention as well as all the treats, she's never been one to share.

Her and Peter are best friends.


Peter is a 7 year old gelded Donkey. He is a permanent resident of the farm. He was a farm warming gift from my parents and sister. He came to work here on the farm; to be a guardian for all the small animals here. He has done his job well, so well in fact that any new animal must go through a introductory holding pen where he gets to know that they belong here and that they are one of his to protect.

He can be timid with new people but is a friendly gentle soul until an intruder breeches his fence line. Then he turns into a fierce fighting machine protecting his family. He also plays the role of baby sitter to all the young newborns, it really is quite touching to watch him.