We want to thank all those who gave us their support over the past year. Without you we would not be able to continue to do the work we do.

Murray Wilson

  • for his countless hours of hard work and the use of his equipment.

Hans & Roseanne Ancher

  • for their generosity, support and encouragement.

Anker Quality Meats in Bolton Ontario

  • for helping us sell our calendars and spreading the word about the work we do.

Heidi Kreiner-Ley

  • for her generosity, support and kindness.

Jamie & Carol McKnight

  • for the use of their land to plant our crops.

Dr. Mallu Poston

  • for being there every time we needed her, day or night.

Ron Mason & Family

  • for the use of their Livestock trailer and their help at harvest time.

John's Firewood

  • for reducing the cost on hundreds of fence posts.

Bev Wray

  • for his help in keeping our tractor running and for being there each time we've needed him.

Rita & Jessica at the Bolton "Staples"

  • for all their help with the making of the calendars and all the supplies.

Hanna a very special little girl with a very big heart, an inspiration to us all

  • for using her own money, the money she had been saving to buy a calendar so that she to could help the animals.

Alex & The Tottenham Price Chopper Staff

  • for providing the animals with a continuous supply of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Apparition Web Development & Services

  • for putting our vision on the Internet and hosting our Web site.