Ways to Help Painted Rock Animal Farm & Sanctuary

Ways For You To Help

  • You can purchase a Painted Rock Animal Farm & Sanctuary Calendar from our farm store
  • You can purchase yarn made from the fibre of our Alpaca's or Angora Goats. We have Alpaca yarn as well as Alpaca/Angora mix. View yarn and prices at our farm store
  • You can purchase a painted rock
  • You can sponsor all or part of an animal, more details on our Animal Sponsorship tab
  • Teachers, Students and Schools - sponsor an animal and have it as your school or class mascot.
  • If you're having a party, whether it be children's, dinner or BBQ party, request on the invitation that your guest bring an item that can help the animals, instead of bringing a gift
Examples are cat or dog food, litter, kennels, pet beds, halters or leads, wound dressings or bandages, any animal care products or perhaps a gift certificate from Pet Valu, Pet Smart or Global Pet Foods. Pack up your gifts and send them to our address or make arrangements and deliver them personally (we will give you a guided tour of all the animals). Once receive we will send you a thank-you card. We will also send you (and each of your guests) a picture and update on the animals that you helped with your donation
  • You can drop off a donation of food, animal care items or money at our farm. Farmers in our local area, if you have any surplus of hay bails or straw - we are always in need. You can call in a feed order to one of our suppliers. For a donation towards the animals upkeep we will take you on a tour to visit with the animals in our care.. Arrangements must be made in advance.
  • You can make a contribution or memorial donation through Pay Pal

Sponsor an animal

Read about each animal, you get there by clicking "Meet the Animals" on the navigation menu, then click on the species of the animal.

You can see a picture of the animal and read how they arrived at Painted Rock Animal Farm & Sanctuary. You can sponsor all or part of an animal's cost, click on the donation button and type the animals name in the special instructions box or send us an e-mail, we're always glad to here from you.

All of your donation money goes straight to the care and upkeep of the animals - food, medical and housing. We take no money for administration.

Or should you choose you can call in a feed order to one of our suppliers.

Quarterly you will receive a picture of your animal and a progress report. If you make prior arrangements you can visit us on the farm and receive a guided tour of all the animals in our care.

Please note:

We are a working farm not a "Petting Zoo" our time is limited so prior arrangements MUST be made.

Teachers and Students

A visit with the animals

You can sponsor an animal and have it as your class or school mascot. We ask that you come up with an idea as a group that will raise money to sponsor the animal of your choice. You will receive a picture of the animal with updates throughout the school year. If you raise in excess of $200.00 you will receive a 20 page hard covered book with pictures, information and stories of animals from our farm. With each additional $100.00 a gift from our farm will be sent to you.

Purchase a Calendar

2009 Painted Rock Calendar

2009 Calendar $30.00 (includes first class postage within Canada). Pictures from around the farm.

Painted Rock Animal Farm & Sanctuary

Purchase a Painted Rock

The painted rocks are folk-art pieces, all pieces are by commission only, contact Laura to discuss a piece made especially for you.

Painted Rock Frog

Painted Rock Colt

Purchase a few balls of luxurious yarn

We shear the animals from our farm Angora Goats and Alpacas, and have their fibre spinned into yarn, this subsidizes some of the costs for all the animals keep. Buy a ball of yarn or a few balls for your knitting project and make the perfect gift for someone special!

I've made a donation to Painted Rock Farm

I've donated my knowledge, time and some server space. I'm the Webmaster for the Painted Rock Web site. When my neighbour Laura, came to me with this project and asked if she could contract my services; I was excited about the possibilities. Laura and Barry care so much about the animals in their care, they give so much of their time and money. Some of the animals that arrive are in very bad condition you wonder how they have survived.

The least I could do was create a Web site to reach out to people for their help. I told her that I would make her Animal Sanctuary Web site pro-bono as a Memorial Donation for my beloved "Leo".

You can make a memorial donation also, in the name of a family member whose love of animals won't be forgotten or in the name of a beloved pet.

Visit "my Leo's page"....

I can make a similar page for you also with your memorial donation of $50.00 or more to Painted Rock Animal Farm & Sanctuary.

Contact Webmaster to discuss your donation page

Painted Rock Wish List

  • Lumber
  • Farm Fencing
  • Fence rails
  • Heated Water Troughs
  • Diesel Generator
  • Plumbing Supplies
  • Stall Wood Shavings
  • Feed Pans / Dish
  • Water Buckets Regular or Heated
  • Towels / Old Comforters

Medical Supplies

  • Needles / Syringes
  • Gauze
  • Gauze Pads
  • iodine
  • Tensor Bandages
  • Latex Gloves
  • Dewormers - Horse, Goat and Sheep

Animal Food

  • Hay / Grain
  • Cat Food
  • Dog Food
  • Cat and Dog Treats
  • Cat and Dog Beds
  • Cat Litter