Checkers came to us when his previous owner surrendered him to our farm. When Checkers arrived he had large bald patches all over his body and you could see every one of his ribs, as well his pelvis bones were sticking out. His hooves had not been addressed in at least four years and were so overgrown that they had started to curl back and in addition to the bad state his hooves were in he had also foundered. His mane and tail were so badly matted with burs that we could not even tell what colour his hair was. Checkers also had terrible respiratory problems and he had a terrible time just taking a breath. He had the saddest eyes and you could tell that this poor little guy had been through such an awful ordeal.

In only nine months, with the proper diet and lots of TLC, Checker's hair had grown back and he was up to his ideal weight. Our Ferrier tends to his hooves every six weeks and he is able to function normally with minimal discomfort. It is so nice to see him cantering around the pasture, frolicking with the other animals. He has the sweetest temperament and is such a gentle and calm pony.



Pixie came to us this past summer, the summer of 2008. She had foundered and could barely walk - she was in constant pain. Pixie was already in foster care; the people did not have the time to devote to her, to ensure she received the proper care - as a result she came to us. She is a sweet little girl who is now on a proper diet. We (with the help of our Ferrier) have been working on her hooves to minimize her discomfort.

When she arrived her hooves were in such bad shape she could barely stand. She would shift from one side to another holding up one hoove then another; as not to put any pressure on her feet. She was never able to stand with all four hooves on the ground at once. We would bring her water in her own pail as she would go without it rather then walk to the trough. Already she is getting around better and seems so much happier. She still has her bad days but she has made so much improvement in the short time she has been with us. I am very optimistic with regards to Pixie's recovery.