Sheep & Lambs

Our costs are based per year. Should you wish to sponsor one special animal please type their name in the special instructions when making a donation.

  • Hay $156.00
  • Grain $216.00
  • Vaccines $16.00
  • Rabies $8.00
  • Deworming $10.00
  • At present we receive a donation from the TOTTENHAM PRICE CHOPPER of all the older fruit and vegetables, we greatly appreciated this; should our supply cease this would add more cost to the yearly feed.

We have many more sheep and lambs at the farm, should you wish to sponsor one or if you would like more information on any of the other animals in our care, please feel free to contact me.


Lily was rejected by her mother when she was born. We had to bottle feed her and she lived in the house with us, Bullet the pig and another orphan lamb named Daisy Duke. It was quite comical to watch them bounce around the house on and off the furniture. To make sure that we didn't have any accidents the lambs wore diapers; each of the lambs went through 10-12 diapers a day. It was just like having a set of twins to take care of. They were fed every few hours, even throughout the night.

Lily was born Easter Sunday of 2008 and she is a wonderful little girl. Her and Daisy Duke are still best friends and inseparable to this day.

Daisy Duke

Daisy is an orphan that came to live with us in the spring of 2008. She arrived here at a day old and she was very weak and cold. We bottle fed Daisy, she spent the first couple of months of her life in the house with us. She loves to bounce around and is so play with her buddies, Lily and Bullet.

Every morning when they were living in the house, we would get up and head to the kitchen to put on the coffee and you could hear Bullet the pig running across the wood floors racing into the kitchen to make sure we knew he wanted his breakfast, and right behind him the two little lambs came crying for their food also. We couldn't get things ready fast enough for them; it was mayhem around here, but I would do it all again in a second.


Mable was given to us by a local farmer she was one of twins and the farmer didn't have the heart to seperate them. One of the girls was extremely sick. Mable arrived at our farm with her twin sister Sable; at the time they were approximately 18 months old. Unfortunately Sable died shortly afterwards and we found out that she was full of cancer tumors. Mable did go through a grieving process at being seperated from her twin. We believe she overcame her grief by becoming a surrogate mother to the orphans here and she has done a wonderful job.

Now that she is almost 3 years old she is like a small freight train. Mable loves to bolt by you whether you are looking at her or you have turned your back towards her. If you're not careful she'll take you out at the knees. Her pasture mates know they must get out of her way when it's feeding time. She always wants to be the first one at the feeder in the morning and the first one in for dinner at night.